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This is a group for people who want to know about music. Feel free to converse about different bands and ask any questions you may have. Even if your moderators don't have an answer someone else might.

We hope to talk about all types of music. If you want to introduce a band/group/singer/musician feel free to! Keep in mind that everyone has different musical interests, please be kind to other people's tastes.


So here's the deal, when you first join the community, use this as a welcome template, this is not required, this is just a general welcome, lets get to know you introduction, feel free to change it up a bit:

Favorite bands/music:
AIM/msn/yahoo/ICQ or other:
Other info you'd like us to know:


We don't really like to add rules, but sometimes we just have to.

1. THIS IS IMPORTANT Please respect other people's musical interests. This community was designed so that people can share their love of music, from whatever background that may be. Do not make negative remarks about one person's music taste. Please be kind to people's posts, if you have a complaint, please notify the moderators immedatly.
2. The moderators of this community do not condone illegal file sharing, or file sharing services, however we are not responsible for the actions of our members. Please do not use this community for illegal file sharing. Above all, please support your favorite artists!
3. Please do not post advertisements, any posts where people are trying to sell anything will not be posted. You may post your bands website once, but not more than is necessary. Multiple band posts will not be posted, and its possible if you try to promote your community here, it won't be posted, especially if it has nothing to do with music.
4. This is a music community, the moderators of this community wish that its members keep the talk about music, not about the personal lives of artists. In other words, please do not post personal gossip in this community.
5. It is illegal to ask people to make burnt copies of CD's unless the artist or recording company allows it, in which case that is usually restricted to live shows. Please do not use this community to make burnt cd's and trade/sell them with people in this community.
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